Data Communication



July 25, 2022

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  • Visualize Your Data
    • Anscombe’s Quartet
    • Datasaurus Dozen
    • What Makes it a Good Data Viualization?
  • Information
    • Avoid Data Pitfalls
  • Story
    • Who is My Audience?
  • Goal
    • Typology of Information Graphics
    • The Vertices of Visualization
    • Beyond Bar and Line Graphs
    • Chart Choice Helpers
    • The Power of Small Multiples
  • Visual Form
    • What is Good Data Visualization Design?
    • Order Your Data
    • Don’t Rotate Your Text
    • Add Direct Labels
    • Use Colors and Annotations Wisely
    • The Power of Annotations


  • Visualizing data is helpful to gain insights and discover anomalies
  • The design process of data visualizations can be broken down to 4 levels:
    • Information: understand the data and be accurate
    • Story: be clear about the message of the visualization
    • Goal: select charts that successfully transport the story
    • Visual form: follow design rules and data visualization principles


Exercise 1

  • We form groups and each group gets a number between 1 and 10.
  • Open the image file(s) with the according number in the folder exercises/4-1-data-communication
    • Discuss the visualization with regard to the 4 levels of data visualization design.
    • Overall, do you think it is a good or a bad visualization?
    • What are details you like?
    • How could one improve the chart?
    • Is there another (potentially better) way to tell the story? Sketch it (and think about how you could build it with ggplot2)