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  • Designing introductory data science curricula:
  • Teaching reproducibility and version control:
    • Beckman, M. D., Çetinkaya-Rundel, M., Horton, N. J., Rundel, C. W., Sullivan, A. J., & Tackett, M. (2021). Implementing version control with Git and GitHub as a learning objective in statistics and data science courses. Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education, 29(sup1), S132-S144.
  • Teaching with the tidyverse:
    • Çetinkaya-Rundel, M., Hardin, J., Baumer, B., McNamara, A., Horton, N., & Rundel, C. (2022). An educator’s perspective of the tidyverse. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education, 14(1).
  • Organizing teaching materials:
  • Teaching modern modeling: