Concepts of the {ggplot2} Package Pt. 2 (Continued)



July 25, 2022

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  • Facet Types
  • Wrapped Facets
    • Facet Multiple Variables
    • Facet Options: Cols + Rows
    • Facet Options: Free Scaling
    • Facet Options: Switch Labels
  • Gridded Facets
    • Facet Multiple Variables
    • Facet Options: Proportional Spacing
  • Scales
    • Continuous vs. Discrete in {ggplot2}
    • Aesthetics + Scales
    • scale_x|y_continuous
    • scale_x|y_date
    • scale_x|y_date with strftime()
    • scale_x|y_discrete
    • Discrete or Continuous?
    • scale_color|fill_discrete
    • Inspect Assigned Colors
    • scale_color|fill_manual
    • scale_color|fill_carto_d
  • Coordinate Systems
    • Cartesian Coordinate System
    • Changing Limits
    • Clipping
    • Fixed Coordinate System
    • Flipped Coordinate System
    • Circular Coordinate System
    • Transform a Coordinate System
    • Spatial Coordinate (Reference) Systems


  • facet_*() functions allow to create small multiples
  • scale_*() functions translate between aesthetics and properties
  • use *_continuous() for numerical data
  • … and *_discrete() for categorical data
  • use scale_color|fill_*() to customize data-related colors
  • coord_*() functions interpret the positional aesthetics, e.g. create polar plots or work with spatial projections
  • be careful when adjusting axis limits:
    • scale_*_continuous(limits) removes the data outside the range
    • coord_*(*lim) keeps the data and zooms into the range

Exercise 1

  • Open the script exercises/03_concepts_pt2_ex1.qmd (or the .rmd).
  • Have a look at the visualization in the folder exercises/3-1-astronaut-viz that shows the cumulative time that cosmo- and astronauts have spent in outer space. The data also contains information on the year of their first and last travel, respectively.

    • Together with your group, discuss which layers and modifications are needed to create such a chart with {ggplot2}.
    • Note down the aesthetics, geometries, and scales used for each element of this graphic.
    • What is the coordinate system? Have any adjustments been made?
    • Which theme was used and how was it modified?

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Exercise 2

  • Open the script exercises/03_concepts_pt2_ex2.qmd (or the .rmd).
  • Create a circular lollipop plot of reported bike shares per season.
  • The data is not in the right format as there are no totals. How can you solve it?
  • Remove all legend elements (with a single line of code).
  • How can you add the labels next to the starting point of each lollipop?
  • How could you add a baseline?

→ Solution